Candi Taylor-Jeter

Speaker & Facilitator Workshop

Speaker & Facilitator Workshop


Candi Taylor Jeter Ed.S (Educational Specialist) is an Adult Educator who helps others clear and reconstruct their mental sanctuary through spiritual tools and rituals that will bring one closer to the Divine within.

She is the author of the book “25 Thoughts about Your Destiny”, and the creator of “How to Design Your Web of Success”, which is a workshop that helps one map out their life’s purpose according to their astrological birth chart.

Her talking topics are: “The Power of Rituals & How You Can Use them to Fulfill Your Soul’s Desire”. “Stop Telling It Like It Is and Tell It Like You Want It To Be” which is an interesting topic that helps people turn their struggles into inspiring stories they can share with others. She also has designed a line of herb infused, scented oils, candles, soaps and bath teas designed to activate intentional ways of being in one’s mind, body and soul.


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