Tawanna Williams Maryland

Workshop Facilitator

Workshop Facilitator

Tawanna Williams Maryland

is a professional artist with a heart for youth and family. She uses every
opportunity to display her artistic talents to improve literacy and em-
power others. She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Out-of-
School Art Academy, an organization providing mobile learning labs in
the arts and sciences.

She also is the Owner/Creator of GabriellezGifts Urban Folk Art Dolls &
Puppets, a collection of sculptures used to improve self-esteem; the
Community Organizer of Village Hands Cooperative Craft and Giving Cir-
cle a philanthropic craft circle for youth and adults; and the designer of
Set the Atmosphere, a partner in creating an atmosphere of excellence for
your special events or celebrations.

Tawanna enjoys using her talents as a handcraft artist in design and the-
atrical production. She also enjoys creating sculptures, puppets, acces-
sories and decorative settings that fit your individual needs.

Currently, she is pursuing degrees in African American and Theatre
Studies and plans to blend these interest together, everyday, while
working with families from all cultures and communities.


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